The Independent: “rather brilliant and funny…reminded me of McGough”

Incredibly flattered to be mentioned in The Independent in an article by Andy Martin about one of my favourite poets Roger McGough:
Louise Kevan wrote a rather brilliant and funny poem that reminded me of McGough, all about how the Old Woman came to be living in that Shoe with all those kids in the first place (“There was a young man who lived in a boot…”). She is the mother of two young daughters and had become concerned about the risks of over-population. “Writing stopped me from going completely round the bend,” she said. Poetry is a form of madness, but it saves you from having to actually go mad.

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Why the old woman lived in a shoe, what made Mary so contrary, why Bo Peep lost her sheep and who was Old Mother Hubbard. For ages 6 plus.

The little monsters appear when no-one is looking and do all the naughty things that children are then blamed for. For ages 3 plus.

A book about seven year old Finn and his best friend Riley the border terrier who becomes a champion surf dog. But when Hollywood comes knocking, friendship ultimately wins out. This is the first in a series of short stories about the adventures about the boy and his dog. For four years plus.

A selection of various other children’s poems.

When I grow up

The Perfect Day

My Baby Sister

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